by Chris R. Morgan


October: truly the most wonderful time of the year. It is that rare time in which a cheery, climate-tempered attitude towards life commingles with our adolescent lust for death; or, at the very least, with any kind of sights unseeable. Generally I’m one to enjoy this month a bit more intensely than others, but October has been more hectic than expected and my tradition of writing something new for Halloween has fallen by the wayside. But, ever resourceful, there is my other tradition of finding convenient excuses to reshare work that I think is still fairly useful; even better, a whole number of works that can be bundled under a common theme. Huzzah! Omnibus time! My love of horror has never reached a boundary it didn’t find inappropriate to cross. (Aesthetically speaking, anyway.) Below are some of fine past works I’ve done related to the genre. If you, like me, are easily frenzied by fear, or the fear of being afraid, please partake as desired.

“Grocer’s Gothic” – On the fiction of Michael McDowell

“I’m Sorry Ms. Jackson” – On Shirley Jackson’s novel The Sundial

“Out from the Wilderness”The Blair Witch Project 15 years later

“Cannibals and Cat Women” – On Arch Oboler and Lights Out

“Morbid Curiosities” – The haunted asylum phenomenon

“Adapting Lovecraft” – Lovecraft at the drive-in

“Debtors’ Prison no. 2: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” – Leatherface’s Frontier Land

“An Exquisite Farce” – On Student Bodies

“The People’s Choice for Witchfinder General” – All political lives end in failure … and thrive on terror

(Photo: cover of issue three of Tales from the Crypt by Al Feldstein)